Rainbow Aero Modelers Society (RAMS)

Come Fly With Us!

Milwaukee County Park System
R/C Model Airplane Field
7000 W. Oakwood Rd.
Franklin, WI 53132

The Milwaukee County R/C Model Airplane Field is conveniently located in an urban county. The field is in 1,000 acres of Root River floodplain owned by the county, thereby offering a large flying area and resistance to urban development. The field is operated and maintained by RAMS for the public benefit.

field license is required to fly at the field. A visitor may fly on one occasion as the guest of a current field license holder, if the visitor is an AMA member.

The field offers pit tables shaded by canopies, engine starting tables, and pilot flying stations following AMA safety guidelines.  The pit and flying areas are separated from spectators by fencing. A warming shelter is available for flying in the winter. 12 and 24VDC power is available for charging batteries.

When the Root River level reaches about 6-7 feet, the Root River will begin to back up, flooding the east part of the field. When the Root River level exceeds about 7 feet, Oakwood Road floods at the nearby river crossing causing the city of Franklin to close Oakwood Road, making the field inaccessible and unusable for flying. The flooding usually lasts for only a few days at a time during the spring snow melt and after very heavy rains. This very flooding discourages other uses from displacing the field.

The field is divided into a North flying area for airplanes and a South flying area for helicopters as shown below. See the field rules for further information about flying in these areas.

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