Rainbow Aero Modelers Society (RAMS)

Come Fly With Us!

Milwaukee County RC Flying Field
7000 W. Oakwood Rd.
Franklin, WI 53152
An advantage of the Milwaukee County field is it is in an urban county, and yet sits in the middle of 1,000 acres of Root River floodplain purchased by the county, thereby offering unlimited flying airspace, and immune from encroachment by urban development.  While the R/C field is lost to use for several days each spring and summer when the Root River floods, that very flooding discourages other recreational uses from displacing the field.

The field offers pilot pit tables and ground pit space, fenced in from spectators, and pilot station blocks following AMA safety location guidelines.  Shade trees offer a park-like setting.

The field is operated by the RAMS on behalf of the Milwaukee County Parks Dept. for the public benefit.  RAMS and SWARM welcome members, having only nominal annual dues.

Pilots may fly simply by purchasing the required field license.  Forms for the field license and AMA membership can be found in the mailbox beneath the frequency control board.